Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mikagura School Suite

Mikagura School Suite has all but left its foreshadowing that was serious in favor of second-to-minute wackiness, plus it is better off for doing so. Threatening hints can drop about coming battles, but few can duplicate the blindingly of this show peppy setting. Passing goofy improve routines off as real conflict training is the kind of thing so that you can capitalize on such a strength it should do.

The character growth of funny Akama does not work quite well, sadly. It is not that it is especially misguided; the urge to hide parts of his character is in fact a credible defect for the president of the drama club. With the first year tournament soaking up all the focus, the subplot of Akama is more of an outline than a real story arc. We learn what his trouble is, we see the way that his social life is affected by it, Eruna tells him to not be worried about it, and abruptly he is absolutely good. There is no meat to them, although the bones exist.

Hilarious Eruna takes on another person in the club that is calligraphy, and a few strikes that are pretty creative fly forth and back. Above all, this week, the quality control section ultimately made a decision to show up. It is hopefully an excellent indication for the rest of the string, and an absolute improvement over previous attempts.

Mikagura School Suite remains a lighthearted and fashionable piece of brain candy, pleasing and disposable. I do not see it doing anything especially deep or intelligent in the immediate future, but I am looking forward to seeing what sorts of techniques that are illogical the other clubs have in store. Some writing that is sharper definitely would not hurt, however.