Monday, August 31, 2015

Eruan simply won't listen

It needs to be a vibrant explosion of thoughts that are silly, but nonetheless, it also needs to possess some semblance of a storyline. It appears to have recovered its equilibrium here, although a bit tended too much towards the orderly end of the spectrum. The storyline continues to be moving forward, as it could gather, but it is doing so with the maximum amount of energy and quirkiness.

So that you can prepare for the large tournament, training is started by Eruna with all the youngsters in the drama club. They appear to invest more time than they do learning new techniques, doing improv skits, but the training routine pays off. Eruna manages to pull off a convincing success and runs into an old friend in her first conflict. It ends up that he is concealing some issues that are private beneath his calm exterior, but it is nothing that Eruna can not by chance solve in a two-minute dialogue.