Thursday, August 27, 2015

Utapri anime was never this hilarious before

A warning before we start: it is not possible without giving away a rather big spoiler because of it to write relating to this episode, so you may need to before reading, if you've not viewed it yet. If this is what you came looking to learn itis a great one.

Now that that is taken care of, this week's episode of UtaPri has something that is pretty astonishing as far as this season goes: a storyline that is clear. As the remainder of them gape in amazement at him, we as experienced anime watchers begin to question if he does not look a little, well, robotic. Afterward when Haruka, Natsuki, and Syo get him, he falls in the rain just to reboot. Surprise! Aichan is, in fact, a robot idol because who else would do that, commissioned by Shining Saotome? To comprehend the notions of camaraderie and love as symbolized by her wonderful lads and Haruka.

So yes, a storyline that is clear! Unusual and hackneyed, but a storyline yet, and UtaPri is actually suited by this kind of cheesiness. It additionally adds a twist to the standard narrative about the character that is sickly - when Aichan failures, it is not because he is overheating in an attempt to preserve electricity, although because he is dying of Cryptic Wasting Sickness. Natsuki and Syo are great characters to spot opposite the stunted AI with their lack of bounds; neither of them have a difficulty doing or saying what they believe, and that actually helps to offset Aichan's reservation and the silent support of Haruka.

Talking of Haruka, she plays with a considerably bigger job this week all month than she's. That may only be because the others are all actively smashing on her while Aichan is merely fighting to comprehend the notion of "camaraderie;" when we see him resting against her at the end, it seems more like a mom/son relationship than a romantic one.

While everyone does make a short appearance - Otoya showing up after being in the rain, and shaking himself away is quite amusing - this episode actually belongs to Aichan. The robotic details of his eyes during his reboot make for some fascinating cartoon and his slow falls additionally seem great, but this episode is more about the dialogue and the content than the visuals. Everyone seems great and the cartoon is edging back to where it was in previous seasons, with some really fine moments such as a baby bird or Haruka's skirt blowing in the wind that is unavoidable. The insert tune, performed by Shouta Aoi, the voice actor of Ai, is lighter than some of the others we have heard rather fairly and so far.

UtaPri Revolutions is improving with each episode, and this one is undoubtedly the best so far. The storyline is sound if simplistic and it only generally seems better in terms of visuals. Perhaps the key here is going to be since we do not understand them, to focus on Quartet Nighttime? Who knows - perhaps one of the other ones will turn out to be an extraterrestrial being.